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If I activate a K20 or K50 plan will I be able to make calls free on the weekend and have minutes to international destinations? In accordance with the aforementioned section, the Authority is hereby publishing the Consumer Protection Guidelines to bind all persons regulated under the Act.

Free calling is only for Zamtel to Zamtel Calls. The K and K plans have all other benefits except for free weekend calling. Free weekend calling is only for Zamtel to Zamtel Calls.

Section 6 of the Act empowers ZICTA to regulate the provision of electronic communication services and products and monitor the performance of the sector, including the levels of investment and the availability, quality, cost and standards of the electronic communication services under the Act, the Postal Services Act No.

What is the validity of the plans? You are able to track where it is. The K20 and K50 plans do not have international minutes or free weekend calling. You know, it says Cabinet approved the issuance of the SI that will facilitate the introduction of the tariff, and this tariff will be charged through the mobile operator.

Yes, so now, what it is, this approval was for the issuance of the SI, not that the SI zicta business plan approved. Now, for us, as the authority, what we have done is we have realised that the postal sector still has the potential to contribute towards national economic development. So, for example, if you are receiving a parcel from the Netherlands Holland to here, you are able to track it electronically.

Mobile Network Operators MNOs were introduced during the second half of the s and by there were three entities competing in the mobile sector Report on the Consultation Process - Licensing of MVNOs The communication sector in Zambia has grown since the liberalization of the economy in the early s.

We don’t know who will pay the 30 ngwee yet – ZICTA

Section 69 of the Act, empowers the Authority to prepare a code of conduct for licensees and persons exempt from holding licenses under the Act.

What time does Night calling begin and what time does it end? What time does free weekend calling begin? Can I make free off-net calls over the weekend? These plans give you On-net, Off-net and International minutes with free night and weekend calling. Meanwhile, Chaaba said the authority has embarked on initiatives aimed at repositioning the postal sector in Zambia to a level where it can compete reasonably with other national postal offices in the region.

The plans are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.

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You can purchase two or more plans for a single number at the same time, however each package has its own validity. It is through the mobile operators and the Internet service providers.

International minutes are defined as minutes that can zicta business plan used to call destinations outside Zambia as pre-defined in the offer. And because of that, we have started a number of initiatives, which are aimed at repositioning the postal sector in Zambia to a level where it can compete shoulder-to-shoulder with other national postal offices in the region and also at international level.

And Chaaba says no member of the public has been charged yet for calling using social media platforms as the SI, which will provide a legal basis for doing so, is still been developed.

We are supposed to refer you to the Ministry [of communications], but let me say this to you because I know; I have been a reporter and I know you will need to have this. In accordance with the aforementioned section, the Authority is hereby publishing the Code of Conduct for all ICT service providers.

What are Off-net minutes? But on the position of ZICTA as an authority, as the implementer, we are waiting for the SI to be in place and once the SI is in place, then we are going to engage members of the public through sensitization so that they understand and appreciate the reasoning behind.

Under this Act, ZICTA is given mandate to publish an Annual Numbering Report containing information relating to the number resources allocated by the Authority, the recipients of the number resources. Free Night calling is effective from What are international minutes? I think this is the question that you were trying to find out.

Remember that bus operators, as long as they collect and carry parcels from point A to point B, they need to have a licence from ZICTA and we have been appealing that they come and normalise their business so that at least we can move on the same page.If you need a business plan in less than a week, our consulting service can help!

Our business plan consultants will create a business. f) Ensure that all radio equipment used are type approved by ZICTA Also find attached the user manual for the online system and online system link.

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The University main. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Combating Cyber Crime Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before.

Yet, for all its advantages, increased connectivity brings increased risk of theft, fraud, and abuse. If I activate a K or K plan, will I have Free Weekend Calling? Standard KYC rules as stipulated by the regulatory body ZICTA apply. Latest News And Events. Zamtel exceeds million. Zamtel Connected Car.

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Zicta business plan
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