Why did south lose civil war and did north win

Why did the South not only lose its bid for independence but also its bid to influence the terms under which reunion would take place? But the success of Admiral David G. Many Interpretations The outcome of the war was decided by a complex mix of factors.

Lee for mismanaging his army. Any explanation that does not account for the West is irrelevant to your question. Twenty-one to seven is a very different thing than seven to twenty-one.

The Confederacy could have won if they had wanted victory enough to keep fighting despite the setbacks. Slavery One of the causes of the war, slavery also influenced its outcome. Ultimately, the federal government abandoned attempts to reconstruct the South in the Compromise of when federal troops were withdrawn from the South in exchange for the election of Rutherford B.

While the slaves could be used to support the war effort through work on the plantations and in industries and as teamsters and pioneers with the army, they were not used as a combat arm in the war to any extent.

The South lacked the diplomacy of the England and execution power when it came to politics.

Sherman, Philip Sheridan, George H. The South lost because the North outmanned and outclassed it at almost every point, militarily. They withheld arms and men from the army so they could strengthen their own State Militias.

McPhersonDrawn with the Sword: In the crucial theater of the war, the Confederacy did not have a competent commanding general. In the period between the fourth week of June and the last days of September and early days of October, the South did reverse the tide, sweeping forward on a broad front from the tidewater of Virginia to the Plains Indian territory.

Neither are the internal divisions within the Confederacy sufficient explanation for its defeat, because the North also suffered sharp internal divisions between those who supported a war for the abolition of slavery and those who resisted it, between Republicans and Democrats, between Unionists and Copperheads.

Even though the doctrine freed all slaves in Confederate control and territory, it was not immediately put into effect except when the territories were taken over by Union forces Missouri and Maryland had moved during the war to end slavery.

Presently there is still bitterness in the South because of the North victory. Sam, Houston, Texas One of the reasons the war was so long was that most of the officers served in the United States Armed Forces together or graduated from the United States Military Academy, so they all had similar training or had previously fought alongside each other.

Why Did the South Lose the American Civil War?

And perhaps it was simple in the mind of the man who so concisely described the complex art: Will to Fight Historians, such as southerner E. Albert Sidney Johnston, P. If it had a more unified purpose and was more aggressive. First, it was inherently weaker in the various essentials to win a military victory than the North.

Lots of people will be scornful of it. The North is determined to preserve this Union. And, in fact, the North probably suffered from greater internal disunity than the Confederacy.

Others blame Jeb Stuart for riding off on a raid and so leaving Lee blind to enemy maneuvers.

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The South was way outclassed industrially. The primary reason the Confederates did not have more success on the battlefield is that they developed only one really talented army commander, and that, of course, was Robert E.

After the war, the Union wanted to end slavery and strip the rebel Southern states of their power to define citizenship and to deny their citizens of fundamental rights.

Sheridan, Sherman, and Custer applied the concept of scorched earth strategy to later wars, such as the Indian Wars which resulted in ethnic cleansing.

How did the South lose the Civil War but manage to win the peace? Use examples.Use examples!

They had less to lose by being in the Union. Most of the Southern States were hard core believers in slavery and they did not want to give up their privileges of having servants. Lots of people will be scornful of it.Get an answer for 'How did the South lose the Civil War but manage to win the peace?

Use ultimedescente.com examples!' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes How & why did the. Why Did The North Win The Civil War? The North won the Civil War because they were on the right side of human ethical issues.

Most of the Southern States were hard core believers in slavery and they did not want to give up their privileges of having servants. Nov 15,  · The South initially enjoyed the greater effective militia, extremely with calvary, and much greater effective management. yet because of the fact the war went on, the North tailored and found out, on the same time as Status: Resolved.

How the North won the American Civil War. How the North won the American Civil War. Why was the Confederacy Defeated? How the North won the American Civil War.

strength, concluded that ‘surely in view of disparity of resources, it would have taken a miracle to enable the South to win.

As usual, God was on the side of the heaviest. Why Did the North Win the Civil War? AskHON. Although the Confederates fought fiercely, historians agree that the North had a clear advantage in the Civil War.

The North had a population of 22 million people against the 9 million in the South (of whom almost half were slaves.). Why did the Union win / Confederacy lose?

Excerpts from Carl Zebrowski. Why the South Lost the Civil War. Historians have offered several explanations for the Confederate defeat in the Civil War.

First, the North had a superiority in numbers and resources — but superiority did not bring victory to the British Empire in its war against the.

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Why did south lose civil war and did north win
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