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Yet her choice of topics and the order in whihc she presents them shows, time after time, that she measures the trial, its circumstances, and its protagonists by an affectingly human scale, so that in her account of the potentially prurient story becomes, in its way, a tragedy.

A new look at the last days of Pompeii, how towers fall, and other strange connections. I have granted them dominion, and it has no end. He has a lot to say about Ancient Rome.

It was not that far from the Senate building where the laws were made, and the emperors sat, and I could imagine that when the wind was good, and the conditions right, 50, voices shouting in their blood lust could be heard through the windows.

The prose is elegant and deliciously ironic, the scholarship fastidious and up-to-date. At the heart of her book lies a trial. It was something I noticed. Describing, challenging, and fleshing out the text, the scholar sends the reader on a tour of Greek culture and custom linked to the case and the feud.

The second lays out the basics of the Roman reality by projecting time travel. From the forum myextralife.

The fact that we have access to the life of a prostitute like Neaira, which has been excavated in so engaging a manner Click here to go to his web site. Click here to go to the review on Anne is the Man Blog Site. Listen to the podcast here! This is because it is a podcast both of history narrative, which obviously is concentrated on Rome, and of history musings.

We only know as much about Neaira as we do because, after 30 years of living with Stephanos, she found herself charged with transgressing the marriage laws Thus he establishes an impressive combination of styles that both work extremely well in podcast and he does so with his own voice, his own style that bears only comparison, but not similarity with the mentioned predecessors.

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I wonder what laws were passed based on that sound? Hamel responds to the This is a tendency, perhaps due to the retractable nature of evidence, to create myths.

Debra Hamel

There she married another Athenian, also of questionable character, and returned with him to Athens. We have the gift of past history knowledge, and that gives us the tools to make a better future.

He also is very clear on his sources, especially on questionable or disputed parts of Roman history. Cain combines the history musings, like Dan Carlin, with the astonishing narrative qualities of Nate DiMeo."The subject matter of TRYING NEAIRA suggests a supermarket tabloid — prominent politicians and their favorite hookers.

But in fact this book is a richly informative, exuberant short course in the politics, legal system, and social mores of Athens in the fourth century B.C. Neaira grew up as a slave in a Corinthian brothel, but became a leading courtesan and bought out her freedom; she spent most of her life in Athens, eventually settling into a stable relationship with an Athenian citizen, Stephanos.

Bibliography Includes bibliographical references (p. ) and index.


Publisher's Summary Neaira grew up in a Corinthian brothel in the 4th century BC and became one of the city-state's priciest courtesans while yet a teenager. The story of Neaira and her appearance in court is well known to classicists, but Trying Neaira is the first book to tell Neaira's story to a non-specialist audience.

The book serves also as a lively introduction to the larger world of fourth-century Greece, and of Athens in particular, in. "Trying Neaira" is a fine example of the type of popular scholarship that will effectively and properly bring classics into the 21st century: accessible to the novice, factually correct, and not overly interpretive/5(10).

Debra Hamel studied classics as an undergraduate at The Johns Hopkins University and again as a graduate student at Yale, where she specialized in ancient history/5(19).

Trying neaira thesis
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