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Hope For World Peace Many ideas have been put forward for creating everlasting world peace, including: Should we resist the rise of private armies and require mandatory military service?

There must be something that constrains the sharp edge of politics. In the first instance, we expect them to take political positions. The salesman has an advantage over the buyer, because he is selling cars all the time, and he can make a career out of learning all the tricks and schemes for ripping his customers off.

Even if poverty is solved and all countries are democratic and we all belong to the same religion or to no religion and we all have the same colour skin, people will still be looking for ways to better themselves at the expense of others, and politicians will be looking for ways to identify a majority group which can better itself at the expense of a remaining minority.

One future change likely to happen soon is the technological singularity which will probably arrive before major emigration to other worlds becomes feasible. Report this Argument Con While I do agree that we need less corrupt politicians, you do need actual politicians to be able to have a successful country.

The first reason that Should politicians run wars essay politician appeals to the smallest majority possible is that this maximises the benefits that the politician can promise to that majority. For example, politicians and used car salesmen. Maybe one day we will expand into space in different directions, and there will be less requirement to continually exterminate each other just in order to have descendants.

This march was met Symons 2 with equal force by the police and white supremacists. Why Drugs Should Disclaimer: Used car salesmen and saleswomen, but I think most of them are men tend to be dishonest because car buyers only buy cars very occasionally, and a car is a big ticket item.

And most people have opinions that are conveniently consistent with their own personal economic interests and which therefore determine their voting decisions. Assuming most politicians are completely aware of what they are doing, then they are aware that they are perpetuating war for oil and personal profit instead of investing in what really matters, like education or health.

However this conclusion, that every civil war has a winner, depends on one assumption: If too many people without political experience run, there will be an influx of people who simply do not know what to do!

I am a Canadian, so here is an interesting source for a different point of view: So if we judge success in the long run, even a brutal war that kills almost everyone on both sides can still have a winner. We present the top arguments the environmental war needs to be won elsewhere.

Should Politicians or Generals Run Our Wars What qualities should we look for in our political leaders in a time of war?

Unfortunately, morality and politics are in conflict, because morality and politics must appeal to different portions of your audience. Art CardenContributor Should drugs—especially marijuana—be legal? Some people claim that causes about religion may lead governments to involve in wars. All doctors, or any other professional type, at some point in their lives did not have the medical knowledge and experience to be a doctor; this is why education is so important.

Even if the majority eventually wins the war, they will be worse off than if the war never happened at all. In a non-democracy it is less clear what the required minimum is. Advertisements aimed at young children are immoral and should be banned.

King however did not try to break their barricade, but rather knelt in prayer. First Pick Your Minority There are other difficulties besides moral considerations for the politician who wants to gain power by exploiting a vulnerable minority.

But of course there is more than one country in the world, and our hypothetical country X will have neighbours. Which means that even dictators have to play politics, because they have to advertise the benefits of their political policies to their target constituency.

There should be more encouragement for philosophers, educators, economists, doctors, etc. At the capitol, King made his famous "I have a dream" speech McClenaghan In the short run it seems like a disaster for both sides, but in the long run, Group A has won, because they can use all the resources of country X, and they can recover lost population by breeding, all without having to compete with any members of Group B who, remember, are all dead.

Indeed your supporters will assist you to resolve this conflict — by expecting and tolerating political doublespeak. And that something is morality. The reason that politicians lie so much is not because they are pathological liars or at least not just because they are pathological liarsit is because we expect too much of them.

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And yet, despite all this scrutiny and commentary, and the large audience, politicians lie, and they lie persistently. So I ask you, is the type of experience you want running a country the experience that deceives and destroys, or would you rather have more people who want to help everyone build and prosper?

This also lead to difficulties with working with the other politicians in your government.Free Political papers, essays, and research papers. Political and Governmental Issues in Australia - The system of government in this country is based on the liberal democratic tradition.

Should Terms Of Us Senators Congressmen Be Limited Politics Essay. Print Reference this. Published The founding father of this nation believed that politics should not be a career as long serving politicians could only bring harm to the nation.

What politician is going to run against a popular individual who is running for his or her. Why Politicians Have to Lie.

9 December, (but three-way situations don't last in the long run, because the two losers will always be tempted to join forces if they can). However, we are not all living in the middle of civil wars. There must be something that constrains the sharp edge of politics. And that something is morality.

In. Should politicians run wars? Essay by thatvwkid, College, Undergraduate, March download word file, 7 pages download word file, 7 pages 1 votes5/5(1). Oct 26,  · Wars Should Be Banned Essay. Should Politicians or Generals Run Our Wars What qualities should we look for in our political leaders in a time of war?

The standard answer these days is that they must be able to set precise objectives for 10 Reasons Why Plastic Bags Should. No, non-politicians should not be running for political positions. The reason politicians run is because they have experience and know what they are doing.

Should politicians run wars essay
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