Sample cover page for a business plan

This will show the lender or investor that the business is worthwhile. The plan contains your business purpose, marketing plans and financial reports. Her work includes writing website content and small client projects.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Business Plan

End the letter with a professional closing, such as "Sincerely," and type your name three or four lines after the closing. Let her know that you would appreciate it if she would review your business plan.

5 Business Plan Cover Page Tips

This document is provided for informational purposes only. Review our free business plan template to understand what to include in each section of your business plan. The cover letter is an integral part of the plan.

Creating Professional Cover Pages for Reports The report cover page is your opportunity to showcase what the report is all about.

Confidentiality Statement While it is not essential, you may want to include a Confidentiality Statement on your cover such as the following: It can have just enough to present the business as viable and show that the applicant has done his or her market research.

For example, if it is an annual financial report, you would probably want to stick with something clean and professional. Thank the recipient for her time and consideration in the final paragraph.

Tell her you are available to come in and discuss your business plan further. For a scientific research report, you may want to add a flashier cover image, such as a globe, body of water, or nature scene.

If they do not know the lender, they should remember that the lender will judge them by the content and tone of the letter.

Very simple basic corporate cover page. The letter can mention how much has already been invested in the business, and what profits are projected for the next year or two. Each time you update this document and present it, you will need to update this date.

There is no need for the cover to do so, as well. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to: To create a cover page that really stands out, pay close attention to the following areas: Any images you add should also be consistent with your corporate identity.

When you send your business plan to banks or other financial institutions in an attempt to receive a loan for your business, include a professional cover letter with the business plan.

Talking about your profits and careful financial planning shows the bank that your business is a worthwhile investment. This document is what you will show potential investors and financial institutions if you need to borrow capital.

Use a large, easy to read font that looks professional and corresponds to the font that you used for the rest of the document. When presenting your formal plan, you should place it inside a binder and attach a cover page denoting what the document is.Writing a Business Plan Georgia State SBDC 5 Business Plan Outline Cover Sheet: Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Principals Executive Summary or Statement of Purpose Table of Contents Section One: The Business.

Free Editable Report Cover Page Templates for Business Documents First impressions are critical, especially in the corporate world.

How to Write a Formal Business Plan Cover Page

When you present a business report, the cover page is the first thing that is seen by your reader, typically right before the. Use this sample business plan cover letter as a template for your formal cover letter. When submitting a business plan to a lender or investor, it is important to include a business plan cover letter that is addressed to the.

Similar to a book cover, a business plan cover is intended to draw the attention of the reader immediately. Plans with an unattractive cover can fall victim to incorrect preconceived notions.

Professional Report Cover Page Templates

Below is a sample of the professionally designed covers included in our business plan template. Create a cover page for your business plan With the Following layout and Format. Sample Business Plan. Following is a business plan written by The Business Plan Store. It is posted here with the express permission of the client.

Sample cover page for a business plan
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