Reflective account on manual handling

It would be good practice for this to take place Reflective account on manual handling part of the end of year annual review.

Revalidation FAQ

Whilst on placement on a general surgical ward I had the opportunity to observe and participate in the nursing care of patients following surgery. Shock can be a life-threatening state that needs immediate attention, therefore it is vital that nurses should be always be alert. Do all of my 35 hours of CPD need to have a written reflection completed?

Confirmation What is confirmation? How will we capture evidence that the discussion has occurred? Powys tHB has a process in place which checks all registrant staff have a live registration.

If I have two different jobs, should my reflections cover both jobs? The integrity of the catheter should be checked at least once every eight hours and the filter checked for hairline cracks and changed if necessary.

It is therefore unlikely that you would get to the 3 year mark without having gathered sufficient evidence or had an opportunity to discuss with your confirmer any concerns about the end point before then.

Therefore intravenous fluids are vital. Evidence should be collated from across the three year period Do nurses and midwives who have retired, but still work some shifts, still need to complete this process?

Remember you reflections must be about practice related feedback or CPD relevant to your scope of practice. Do I need to confirm that the registrant has done what they have said in their portfolio of evidence?

If it is completed earlier than this the NMC may seek Reflective account on manual handling as to why you did this as they expect it to be current.

Reflective Discussions How will we evidence the reflective discussion? The person providing the confirmation will need to ensure they have seen evidence of the reflective discussion regarding your 5 written reflections between you and another nurse or midwife on the NMC register BEFORE signing the confirmation form.

What is defined as non participatory CPD? They must also identify where your practice aligns with the Code. Confirmation increases professionalism by making you more accountable for your performance and improvement. Rest is important to the patient post-operatively as it reduces the demand on the heart by reducing body requirements for oxygen Walsh, Employers will most likely be keen not to lose your skills and knowledge.

If you know you will be away from work when your revalidation is due, you should, in most circumstances, ensure you have everything in place before you take your break from work. If feedback is given to you verbally you should write up a synopsis of the feedback along with the details of the situation it was given to you in.

Remember DO NOT include anything that could identify a patient or service user in your written reflections. How do I write up my written reflections? Powys tHB will expect line mangers, who will be confirmers, to hold an annual discussion with you about your progress with revalidation as part of the PADR discussion.

The trust has a specific chart for these observations to be recorded. You will need to have completed all elements of revalidation and have your application ready for the 1st of the month e. The NMC have provided a form that must be used to record your reflective accounts. They will need to provide the name of the regulator and their professional registration number on the NMC confirmers form.

Powys tHB will make available facilities to support staff to scan and store their evidence and help them to upload it to the NMC website if needed. Shock is defined as an acute condition where there is an inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues to maintain normal cell function.

When the nurse has undertaken all of these checks and observations it is important that the patient is left to rest. The form also asks you to record the date on which the discussion took place, the number of reflections discussed and a short summary of the discussion, along with a signature as proof.

If our examples are medical, do we have to discuss with a medical professional? What happens if you are not working when your revalidation is due e.

Powys tHB are updating all relevant policies to ensure they support the necessary action to comply with revalidation. Everything you need to help you reach a conclusion on whether the individual meets the revalidation requirements should be in their portfolio.

All nurses and midwives will need to revalidate at the point of renewal of their registration in order to remain on the NMC register. Falsifying evidence or information is a breach of the NMC Code for registrants and will most likely breach their contract of employment.

If the training covers areas relevant to your practice e. If however your line manager is not an NMC registrant you will need to arrange for a reflective discussion to take place, in relation to your portfolio of evidence and reflections, with another NMC registrant BEFORE asking your line manager to confirm, through a face to face discussion, that they have looked at your portfolio and are content to confirm that your evidence meets the NMC requirements for revalidation.Moving and Handling Techniques.

Introduction Manual handling involves any activity that requires the use of force exerted by a person to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or otherwise move or hold an object.

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Every department in the College has tasks that. individualised and effective service in manual handling to my clients (Evidence 7: a reflective piece of this learning experience and testimonial from.

The reflective accounts, reflective discussion and confirmation forms are all role, including blood transfusion, manual handling and safeguarding. Some of what we covered I already knew, but it was good to refresh. I learned that there was a new blood Completed revalidation forms and templates.

Moving And Handling Reflective Account. Manual Handling in the Workplace for Healthcare Personnel – A Summary of Relevant Legislation and Guidance This article summarises key aspects of legislation and guidance relevant to manual handling in the workplace for healthcare personnel.

Account Login Place an Order; Instant price. Reflective Essay About Moving And Handling Skill Nursing Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. This reflective essay will be about moving and handling skill. Reflective Account For Basic Life Free Download Here the last eighteen months I have attended annual updates for fire, basic life support, Reflective account of specific learning situations Standards 2, 3 and 4.

BLS Basic Life Support CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation MH Manual Handling HAI Healthcare Associated.

Reflective account on manual handling
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