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Where are the women who mourn the loss of a friendship? Because then you get the neurotic Professor and the disabled botanist and the warrior balancing war with a child and the artist who has no interest in children, and you stop getting The Girl.

I want women saving one another. These things exist in the real world. You have The Girl. Our female friendships can be among the most important relationships in our lives.

SFF gives us the opportunity to go beyond that! These connections join personal and historic events, and provide the means to reclaim both a displaced portion of family history, as well as lost cultural history.

They too should appear in greater numbers in SFF, with friendships and other important relationships with characters other than the white cissexual people. In this particular work, uncovering such answers involves the confluence of a promised box, a secret language and family genealogy.

I want women forging alliances. At the core nushu secret writing alex my work, I use various personal and cultural references as a way of tapping into the universal questions: There are all kinds of girls.

Essentially, these considerations help frame events that lead to our current circumstance, and thus make us who we are. I want lonely women who long for friendships with other women. Alaya Dawn Johnson suggested the Johnson Test, which applies the same principles as the Bechdel Test but with people of colour talking to one another about something s other than white people.

Because, yes, of course women can have meaningful friendships, what the fuck? Rose Lemberg recently wrote a fantastic essay about the need for a greater diversity in the representation of women, and I think one of the biggest problems we face with female representation is the Smurfette Principle.

It was a lost language shrouded in secrecy for almost a thousand years, but accidentally discovered during the early days of the Cultural Revolution. And what you also get, when you have multiple women, is friendship between women. When you have only one girl in a sea of boys, she starts being defined by her girl-ness — rather than her intelligence, her fear, her love for chemistry, her musical talents, her combat skills, her anger, her calmness, her motherhood, her choice to be childfree, and all the other things that make her an individual person with individual passions and strengths and failings.

I have done that second scenario. The same should apply to all people. I love it too! And, no, of course every story does not have the space for every type of person.

This mode of communication, invented by women in southern China, enabled them to pass information among themselves undetected.

But where the fuck are my sromances? People sometimes ask me however did I survive 5 years in an all-girls school? Are there parallels to this kind of relationship process for women in fiction? I want, as Rose does, for SFF to treat women as it does men: I specifically created the installation for this ICA exhibition, with its dimensions, spatial, lighting and counterpoints in mind.

I want women helping each other to survive in the direst of situations. I want women grappling to understand each other across privilege and cultural gulfs. And they have male friendships. Where are the women who tear their friendship apart in horrible ways, but work hard and fix it back together again?

There is nothing lesser about a serious friendship. I want, so much, to see more SFF where the friendships between women are given as much time and attention as any other relationship. It makes me all giggly and fangirly.

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I want women with vastly different interests finding common Alex Billington; “old sames” – bound together for eternity. Isolated by their families, they furtively communicate by taking turns writing in a secret language, nu shu, between the folds of a white silk fan.

But the sworn sisters continue to communicate through the secret Chinese language of “nushu,” hiding. Buondì! This is an ancient and secret writing system of Chinese women Questo è un antico e segreto sistema di scrittura delle donne cinesi.

English. Nushu — A Secret Language (Nushu – Một ngôn ngữ bí mật) Penguins' anti-ice trick revealed (Thủ thuật chống đóng băng của chim cánh cụt đã được tiết lộ) Other writing tips. How to write a Task 2 introduction; Reasons why you should avoid using “I” in a Writing Task 2 Essay; Hướng dẫn cách viết.

Oscar-winning composer Tan Dun has brought his new concerto, called "Nushu: the Secret Songs of Women", to the Shanghai International Arts Festival. After five years of research, Tan Dun has return.

Nushu script.

Nushu is a writing system used exclusively by women in a remote part of China. Since women were forbidden education in traditional Chinese culture, women developed in secrecy their own form of writing. Silent Letters: When NOT to pronounce B, D, and L in English I listen the same text,it sounds differently,more softly.

The reason is in silent b,d and l. As was said, the secret is in simple things. Tuesday, August 9th Reply to this comment. I think you should read more in English in order to improve your writing skills.

Nushu secret writing alex
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