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What can competitors do? Based on your own experience of traditional bookselling and your exploration of online bookselling, compare willingness-to-pay for books supplied by these two business models. How and why did the personal computer industry come to have such low average profitability?

Knowledge is your reward. Comment on the charter of HSG. Which of the three options presented - Best Project, Total Customer Solutions, System Lock-In - seems to be the most appropriate, and under which conditions? How is Li and Fung able to maintain margins three times those of the rest of the industry?

How sustainable will its position be in the future? Case B deeply challenges the effectiveness of this management structure. What are the challenges the company faces going ahead and what issues does it need to address in order to expand?

Under which conditions do you favor one approach vs. Managing Knowledge and Learning. June 28, Questions for Discussion i.

Matching Dell (A)

You are welcome to work in groups in preparation of this analysis. As a senior partner, what specific advice would you give him? What was the unique source of competitive advantage developed by James O. Are these strengths for the company?

Is there a logic or rationale supporting the change process? How and where should it expand? Should corporate strategy be formulated first and then followed by the development of the individual business strategies that are part of the corporate portfolio a top-down approachor should the business strategies be done first and then followed b the formulation of a corporate strategy bottom-up approach?

Questions for Discussion i. The A case presents a company that is enormously consistent in terms of its culture, management processes, and philosophy.

Matching Dell

Does anyone of them seem to you to dominate the others or could you benefit from selectively using all of them? Use OCW to guide your own life-long learning, or to teach others.

Find materials for this course in the pages linked along the left. Make sure that you understand the role played by aggregate and granular metrics both in defining a strategy and in monitoring its execution. Position the resulting tiers in the Delta Model Triangle. Decentralization is the trademark of that organization.

McKinsey and later Marvin Bower?

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How effectively did he take charge? Send to friends and colleagues. How do you assume proper horizontal coordination across the individual organizational units? The question is whether you find any significant difference in your willingness to pay for a book being acquired under these two different channels.

Will it ever make much money selling books as opposed to selling stock? Select a company that you are familiar with and try to identify its existing and desired capabilities.

What is the role of the frameworks that we have discussed in the course Porter, Resource-Based View for the Firm, and the Delta Model in the definition of the critical strategic tasks?

What contribution did Fred Gluck make to the required changes? Identify a company that you are familiar with and try to perform a customer segmentation. This is one of over 2, courses on OCW.

Although these cases on the surface are quite old, they address some very critical issues that have profound relevance in management regardless of time.Today’s Agenda • Matching Dell (HBS ) – Evolution of the PC Industry and its attractiveness – Dell’s Competitive Advantage – Competitive Dynamics (more detail in BUSI ).

Teaching Note for (). Teaching Note | | December (Revised March BUS Strategic Management Goizueta Business School Emory University Spring Professor Chris Rider 9. Apply course concepts to frame and support your position. Display your name card in each class. Dell due Monday. Matching Dell 1.

Presented by: Patricio Becar Hasnain Zaheer Candong Wu Puru Tiwari 2. “ It’s amazing to me that our competitors think the customer is the dealer.”. Case #2: Matching Dell (HBS ) Your assignment is due before class begins on the day of the case discussion.

There is no credit provided for late submissions. I expect each student to prepare up to 2-page written answers (full-sentenced, font typed. Get this from a library! Matching Dell. [Jan W Rivkin; Michael E Porter; Faramarz Nabavi; Harvard Business School.].

Matching dell hbs 9 799 158
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