How to write a contract position on resume

Follow these tips to allow all of your work experience and skills to shine. Maintain Clarity Recruiters should be able to glance at your resume to quickly assess your background before they spend more time evaluating the specifics of your previous work.

Underneath, list the names of the companies for which you provided writing services. You should not indicate 3 positions over a period of 18 months on your resume that do not mention they are contract.

When most of your employment, in the past, has been long-term permanent positions.

How to List Temporary Jobs on Your Resume

Use a skills-based resume that lists your abilities and achievements on the first page and the list of companies you provided services to on the second page. To tie all your experiences together, try including a short, descriptive paragraph that connects all your work under a common theme.

So, how do you put all this short-term experience on your resume without looking like you jumped ship after just a few months? As a result, recruiters are familiar with contract terms and agreements and have no problem assessing your capabilities through your previous temporary assignments.

Include both the staffing agency and the client. Most successful Information Technology Professionals have worked in a contract capacity at some point in their career.

Even short-term work can offer valuable skills that you can apply to future jobs. Focus on Skills As a professional with a well-rounded list of clients, focus more on the skills and experience you bring to the table instead of highlighting the companies you worked for.

Add the staffing agency as the employer and then list the company you were assigned to for the duration of the contract. Publishing, computer systems development and accounting are a few examples of arenas in which contract work is the norm.

Explain Titles Whether you use a skills or experience resume, include the title you held with each previous employer. Sometimes however people work on short-term contracts as a way to earn income when they are in between permanent positions.

If you have trouble thinking of accomplishments, reach out to your recruiter and ask about positive feedback received. Posted in Blog by DaVinciTek Mar 6 March 6, by Walter Cogan In the information technology business, it is very common for people to work on short-term or long-term contract assignments.

List work in chronological order. Also include the dates of employment and your temp job title. The reason you want to let the reader know if the position is a short-term contract role is simple.

Now about that resume — how exactly should you list contract work? List your occupation and follow with a round-up of firms where you worked.Just remember, as with the rest of the resume, make sure you are consistent.

How to Best Describe Contract Work on a Resume

Choose whether you want to call the experience “temporary,” “temp,” or “contract” and stick with it. Examples. Contract work doesn’t have to be a hindrance to the possibility of a full-time position later in your career.

Listing these jobs on your resume is a smart plan and can highlight the wealth of skills you have gained through working in a variety of environments.

4 Tips for Listing Contract Work on Your Resume

Explain Titles. Whether you use a skills or experience resume, include the title you held with each previous employer.

If you worked through an agency to land the contract work, use the name of where you were placed as the employer and not the agency.

How to list contracting on resume. Engineering), the standard has always been to list the dates and the client, with a notation to indicate that it was a contract position. For example, from my own resume: Jan Oct (Under Contract To) General Dynamics / Fort Worth Division, Fort Worth TX.

4 Tips for Listing Contract Work on Your Resume. By Hunter Hamilton. 25 November Job Seeker Tips.

How to address contract employment on your resume

No Comments. Contract work can be great for your career! It provides opportunities to gain new experiences within new industries, learn new skills, and boost your resume. In either case, if your resume includes a mixture of permanent and contract employment, you should “always” indicate on your resume when a position is contract after the job title.

(i.e. Project Manager, Contract Position or Consulting Position.).

How to write a contract position on resume
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