How to develop india

It is easy to pin everything on the government, but people must first question themselves and their own civic sense. So, India must take some effective steps to control inflation if it wants to become a developed country.

Roads are not dirty because nobody cleaned it, but because somebody dirtied it in the first place.

25 Things Which Will Make India A Developed Country

So, India can become a developed country by increasing its international trade with other countries. This basic failure helps to explain several other failures of the development project so far: Corruption has mired growth to a great extent, and past and present governments have so far been unsuccessful in finding a permanent solution.

Corruption is still large. The same money can be utilized to develop the country. Yet they define their own generation, which is starkly different from their fathers and grandfathers.

Today India has about teachers in these programs. Strict and immediate action for corruption Corruption is our major threat. The Lancet,No. In order to avoid any crime the penalty for each crime should be severe and immediate, and no option should be given as an alternative for the judgement finalized.

Environmental issues in India About 1. Modi and I are planning a conference of experts before yearend.

Economic development in India

As the United States recovers, the global cost of capital will rise, holding back investment. If every Indian takes up the responsibility to pay the Real tax promptly and effectively, the money which is supposed to be utilized for India development will be utilized efficiently and India do not have to look forward from other World Organizations.

Manufacturing still counts for less than one-fifth of both output and employment. Adopt some of that Chinese drive to invest in infrastructure. Also, it will reduce the corruption as funds are not centralized in one place.

Alternative to jobless growth? There has been no reduction in these cases. Inabout 46, Indians out of 2. Time is something which is making us not to follow the rules. For decades, the red tapebureaucracy and the Licence Raj that had strangled private enterprise.

Whoever leads the next government inIndia needs maximum governance and minimum government. Every talented individual is eliminated just because of the system of recommendation and reservations from higher and known people.Disabled children race in Bhopal, India, which is home to about million people with disabilities.

Photograph: Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images The question of whether or not India is a developed or developing country is not so simple that it can be measured by the yardstick of the number of billionaires or a mission to the moon.

India can show the entire world that it is a rapidly developing country & a potential super power by organizing mega sporting events like Olympic Games & Football world cup which are a great international platform to showcase the entire world the might of a country. In my opinion the only way to develop India is to hone the next generation be become a free thinking generation.

Is India still a developing country?

If anyone looks into India's current situation, they will find that India is more developed in many ways than other countries, but the only thing that is pulling it back is that the bigger mass of the country lacks in social, environmental and ethical awareness.

India will become a developed country. Yes, India will become a developed country in the future. In many ways, they already are.

They have been rapidly growing for some time now, and are even part of the BRICS group for emerging economies.

Fifty Ways To Make India A Developed Country And A World Super Power

India can’t achieve percent growth for the next 30 to 40 years unless it takes steps to safeguard environmental quality and use energy and other resources more efficiently.

India still ranks in the bottom quartile of developing nations in terms of the ease of doing business, and compared with China, the average time taken to secure the clearances for a startup or to invoke bankruptcy is much greater.

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How to develop india
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