How to analyze a website

These 7 website stat categories will unveil a lot about how your website is performing. Are they making money or making noise? Here is some crucial data that you should pay close attention to on a daily, weekly and monthly basis: You can easily create these views for Paid Search keywords or Organic and find even more valuable insights.

In Wordle even after I remove the big words representing massive traffic from the cloud say the words Chase and Bank the story does not get much better. All the tools come with a 30 day free How to analyze a website, and even track iframe objects and flash embeds.

I always review two more reports that give me a sense for content consumed. What to do next: You just made your website more competitive!

This site simply engages in one night stands, and while I can think of some sites where that can still be the basis of a long term sustainable business model. I am telling you people are going to love you for being this awesome.

Someone walked into your supermarket. Switch to something like PadiTrack. Which one is missing? Visitors refuse to give you a single click? Refer to the company goals as well as effective elements of other websites if applicable. The bigger red bars. I wish just reading this blog post it probably took you minutes just to read it!

While that was a very strategic post, it got me thinking at a tactical level.

How to Write a Website Analysis

Segment and look at landing pages for New Visitors; for all other sites the method is as above. Point out inconsistencies in menus among multiple pages and organizational issues such as links that are difficult to find.

Andrew Kucheriavy

Compare the LDS church with. With Loyalty and Recency we measured visitors visiting, but once they are here what are they doing? Now, at least for two or three pages of the site you are analyzing you know that they stink and you have decent clues of what the cause s might be.

Ok, your turn now. Or my favorite report to look at: If the data looks more like site two, cry. You can also opt in to having your Analytics emailed to you, at intervals of your choice, which could be hugely useful.

Beginner's Guide To Web Data Analysis: Ten Steps To Love & Success

It offers surprisingly little, however, in terms of free analytics, instead giving you a taster of what to expect from the paid packages. It uses a dashboard interface, with editable tiles of information, which can be dragged around to your liking.

You should also have some sense for where improvement opportunities might exist I had a bunch above where PVGV was 40 cents.How to Do SWOT Analysis for Your Website. The SWOT (pronounced “Swat”) Analysis is becoming more and more common in business today, but did you know it can also be used to analyze websites?

Building a website--whether you’re selling products or creating a blog or another information-based site--has always presented a challenge.

You have complete control over your content, but. How to Analyze a Website and Marketing Plan By Vinny La Barbera Leave a Comment One of the most important stages of any marketing plan exists in the actual analysis of it. Take a closer look at these important website elements, and make sure you understand how each of these items relates to your website’s search engine rankings.

Stay tuned to our blog for future tips on analyzing your website.

How to analyze a website
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