Health risk of a call center agents essay

Some also complained of having little time to spend with their family members even though they were physically present at home during daytime. While employment in the business process outsourcing BPO sector has meant that young adults are reaching their career milestones and financial goals much earlier than before, surveys and anecdotal evidence show that workers in the BPO sector experience high levels of stress and its related disorders, primarily due to its contemporary work settings.

The risk assessment was discussed with staff, to check they understood it. The Philippines is also considered as location of choice due to its less expensive operational and labor costs.

The Top Ten Call Centre Problems

According to studies, exhaustive workloads can lead to various diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular illnesses, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and high risks of cancer. An independent study shows that working in call centers shows high incidences of eyestrains symptoms, musculoskeletal symptoms, voice disorders, and hearing problems.

15 Effects of Stress on Call Center Agents and the Company

You can also select candidates based on cultural fit with your company, language and communication adeptness and other factors that you deem important. These are jobs which 1st world countries like the United States, Canada and other European countries get from 3rd world countries in Asia mainly because they are cheaper in cost.

Lack of education, social awareness, and public response made this things happen. Despite this, government officials and experts agree that it is a growing problem.

Call centers often lure young professionals because of a relatively high starting salary of 15, pesos a lot higher than average laborers and not to mention allowances, signing bonuses, good work performance, and other incentives.

Health Risk of a Call Center Agents Essay Sample

Telephone equipment used in call centers produces electrical feedback, latent sonic energy spikes, together with faulty telephone lines, non compliant switchboards, turrets, and headsets. The manager then wrote down who could be harmed by the hazards and how. The external service provider typically takes care of hiring and training call center agents, maintaining call center software and infrastructure and managing day to day call center operations.

Anemia Studies show that bone marrow produces more blood at night and working during graveyard shift in a call center resulting in anemic body. Months or years under stress can cause heart problems, nervous breakdown, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and many others.

Setting the scene The office manager carried out the risk assessment at this call centre, which occupies a single storey of a ten-storey office block. The reason why many Filipinos set aside their childhood dreams to work in call centers.

Indian J Med Sci. They can work from home, undergo all training online, learn how to use the call center software in minutes and start making and receiving calls on day 1. Latha G, Panchanatham N. They also have the fastest way of promoting a career development, a good strategy that will surely attract young energetic and competitive Filipinos.

This blog post can be a helpful first step when deciding whether or not call center offshore outsourcing is right for your company. In addition to hiring more skilled agents and allowing them the freedom to work where they would like, browser-based call center also allows for managers to keep a close eye on their global workforce and provide real-time feedback when necessary.

Not to mention other unhealthy vices and beverages like cigarette and coffee. Do we have all of the key call centre problems captured? In an in-house environment, this can lead to frustration for both managers and front-line staff.

What is typical for call centre jobs. Gladly, most English speaking countries like my country, the US, take this opportunity to outsource some of their call centers here.

Mattenson and Ivancevich found that stress causes half of all absenteeism and one-fourth of all voluntary turnover within call centers.

These bad practices can further lead to lung cancers, high blood pressure, depression, cellulite problems, and even malnutrition.

Flat structures Research from Dimension Data shows that the volume of call centres planning to up-skill their agents increases year on year. More essays like this: Call-time pressure, dealing with hostile customers, reading prescripted conversations on the phone endlessly, system monitoring of call activities, and difficulty in providing good customer service while simultaneously meeting time targets were found to be significant sources of job stress.

Call center agents work the phones for the entire duration of their shifts unlike other jobs where people get a chance to go out and get fresh air, read newspapers, surf the internet, and take some snacks.

Among any others, this country brags of its proficiency in English communication. Job characteristics and service interactions in different call centres? The lack of sleep has many ill effects to the human body and sooner or later, it will catch up to those who inadvertently abuse their bodies for money.

Call center agents who experience more stress at work are less satisfied with their job.

Health Issues Amongst Call Center Employees, An Emerging Occupational Group in India

When call center operational, infrastructure, overhead and labor costs are significantly reduced or being handled by an external service providerthe savings can be significant. As what I have observed, many Filipinos set aside their childhood dreams to work in call centers.

Exploring the quality of life in the Indian software industry:The office manager carried out the risk assessment at this call centre, which occupies a single storey of a ten-storey office block. Forty staff work at the call centre, 20 work part time and two members of staff are wheelchair users.

AGuide to Health and Safety in the Call Centre Industry risk plant. Ensuring workplace health and safety involves identifying and managing exposure to the risks at your workplace. Obligations The following outlines the main obligation holders and Safety in the Call. This new call center software allows for a simple, more cost effective solution to hiring and managing a team of global call center agents.

It is a “best of both worlds solution” to a problem that has garnered a lot of attention and has industry giants taking a stance. BMP’s Call Center Learning Assessment is designed for organizations that want to understand how effectively their learning programs equip agents to serve customers.

The output of our Assessment is a set of recommendations for building a more effective learning program. Jul 14,  · Call Center Agents Health Risk Health diseases like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, low blood pressure due to lack of sleep, insomnia and other stress related diseases can endanger the career of any call center agents who don't care about their personal health.

Jun 29,  · Thus, there is a need to conduct bigger epidemiological studies for better understanding and to create a database for health problems among call center workers.

There is also a need for destressing facilities like gymnasium, games, yoga, meditation, library, and counselling facilities at the respective work places.

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Health risk of a call center agents essay
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