Exploring philosophies in the dynamic universe by fritjop capra

All intentional acts, which are caused by voluntary decisions, are of this kind.

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The flat Universe is one where there is exactly the balance of mass to slow the expansion to zero, but not for collapse. Even attributing to known physical laws the metaphysical features just mentioned, several difficulties still remain in cosmological theories.

The discussions the authors make brings a lot of information and calls for an inner reflexion on the way every aspect of life can be influenced by science and spirituality.

The most instructive example of this is the already discussed fact that local physical laws are assumed to be valid "everywhere and at every time": In this they may even transform the expansionist and monocultural tendencies in the Abrahamic value system. The answer is delicate: In Indian culture the autopoiesis is celebrated as Divine and we have a name for it — Swayambu.

Published by Cambridge University Press inthe book is intended to serve as a text book for students as well as the general reader who want to study sustainable development integrating the physical, biological, cognitive, ecological, and social dimensions.

We may call this the "Galilean prerequisite", since it was Galileo who explicitly proposed the delimitation of natural investigation to a restricted set of empirically ascertainable features or properties of things and, moreover, introduced a kind of tripartition among an observed physical system, the observer, and the rest of the world.

This statement is valid for all organisms, with and without a nervous system. Unfortunately, the interest mostly stopped right there. In the planning of the temple cities of South India, Patrick Geddes saw Exploring philosophies in the Exploring philosophies in the dynamic universe by fritjop capra universe by fritjop capra integration of the social life and cultural life cycle of the people that was unheard of in the West.

In South India a self-evolved termite mound is venerated as a living manifestation of Divine Feminine. When he talks of the Eastern medical systems, it is Chinese medicine and Chi that get mentioned.

Our life is made by the death of others. If we take a definition of the sort introduced e. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art, and modern physics. This view is not in itself absurd, but it should be supported by showing that physical concepts and physical theories are independent of extraphysical a priori presuppositions, and have an unrestricted and allembracing validity.

His fame in India has been largely through the way he integrated the image of dancing Siva with the dynamic nature of sub-atomic particles. Knowledge of Ho and qo are the true goals of observational cosmology, for with both parameters it is possible to extract distances and ages of all things in the observable Universe.

This is put in the format of a dialogue between the authors. People interested in science, spirituality and paradigm discussions I thought this was an amazing book.

He identified the interconnectedness that the theoretical physicists like David Bohm were talking about in such a powerfully poetic language as having an impact on the way other disciplines viewed and approached their own subject matter.

Historically, we assumed that gravity was the only important force in the Universe, and that the cosmological constant was zero. Quite analogous reasonings could be provided regarding other ways of "eliminating" the problem of accounting for the initial or boundary conditions, e.

Note, by the way, that the tendency in cosmology is exactly the opposite, that all the possibilities disclosed by the mathematical machinery are exploited when they can serve to give plausibility to some welcome assumption: In other words the idea of unity and totality which is the truly formal characteristic of the concept of the universe in the classical sense of "formal" seems to be too primitive to be captured by explicit scientific definitions.

We began to perceive friction between the radical-left Greens and the majority of the party as we travelled around West Germany and asked our interviewees whether a particular goal or strategy they had described was embraced by everyone in this heterogeneous party: Just a few years before its publication, Dravidian racists had put up a poster which showed the very cosmic dance as nonsensical superstition with American astronomers putting their feet right on the crescent moon adorning the dancing Siva — thus Siva was under the feet of the American astronaut.

I sometimes felt I was walking in a fast moving muddy river trying to see the constantly varying bottom. Here Capra takes a sympathetic view of Marx that would later become central to ecological movements throughout the world.

When these numbers are caluclated it is found that W for baryons is only 0. Here again we find the features of the synthetic use of reason which is typical of metaphysics. While most leftwing eco-militants devalue local spiritual and cultural elements, Capra has also brought out a powerful reading of the Eastern spiritual symbols in the light of modern science.

Man and the animals are really the passage and conduit of food p. The discussions the authors make brings a lot of information and calls for an inner reflexion on I thought this was an amazing book. In fact, not only was the tenet largely accepted that scientific investigation must carefully avoid philosophical commitments or dependences, but it was also tacitly assumed as we have seen at the beginning that the progress of science would gradually make philosophy superfluous.

This point is crucial because it shows rather clearly that cosmic uniformity was not really a necessary presupposition for the extrapolation of the local physical laws, as it may have seemed to be when one simply considered space and time. Krishnamurthy on both David Bohm and Capra himself.

Notice that since the Universe is currently 14 billion years, the time axis is measured in very long timescales.

Capra also details his interactions with psychiatrists R. It focuses on parallel shifts in thinking paradigm within science and religion they focus primarily on Christian and Buddhism; others are mentioned, but not dealt with as in-depth as those two.Exploring the dynamic universe By Dr Andy Newsam, Astrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool John Moores University Joint lecture with the Institute of Physics.

The Universe is a dynamic, ever-changing place full of extremes. From Black Holes to asteroids, massive exploding stars to elusive distant planets, every part of the Universe poses it.

Prof Andy Newsam, Liverpool John Moores University. The Universe is a dynamic, ever-changing place full of extremes. From Black Holes to asteroids, massive exploding stars to elusive distant planets, every part of the Universe poses it own questions. In this remarkable work, bestselling author Capra and Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk renown for making fresh sense of Christian faith, share insights into how science and relgion seek to make us at home in the universe.

A. In ‘The Turning Point’ (), Capra explored how the changed vision of nature emanating from the ‘new physics’ also changes the way we look at life, our psychology, society, politics, economics, and environment.

Visual Activity: Exploring the Expanding Raisin Cake Universe Part B: The table in the video shows you the speeds of raisins 1, 2, and 3 as measured from the Local Raisin.

Suppose instead you measured speeds as seen from Raisin 2. The Universe as a Philosophical Problem. Evandro Agazzi. The a priori assumptions of cosmology. Let us now consider other a priori assumptions of a different kind, which are indispensable when we try to speak of the past history of the universe, and in particular of its origins.

The first of these assumptions is that we implicitly.

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Exploring philosophies in the dynamic universe by fritjop capra
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