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The increasing trade among the countries and the outsourcing of jobs is an example. The diverse colours of Mother Nature, seasonal variations, existence of solar, lunar and planetary movements in harmony and in coordination are nothing but diverse expressions of the same.

In the modern world the international boundaries are already shrinking. It is the followers or the conservatives who modify the teachings according to their maligned thoughts. Everyone has the right to follow and express his religious beliefs in solidarity. Even, those who claim to belong to first world have to depend upon the third world countries for a better market and manpower.

There are various cultures and religions that are followed in the present society set up. No country can survive on its own. It opens up the mind and diminishes Essays about language diversity boundaries defined by set of authoritarians. Mutual collaboration among all parts of the world is mandatory.

In turn, all the modern facilities and exposure to development is best in the developed countries only. The anatomy and physiology of a human body are similar all over the world. The oil and gasoline needs are satiated by the gulf countries. Man is a small constituent of this colossal cosmos.

So, the main point is that nowhere in the description lies any factor that makes a particular race better than others. Diversity is the essence of evolution. Hence discrimination on any basis is unjustified and unacceptable.

The myriad hues sync up in reverence and carve a picture so nice. In his infinite wisdom, he created people of all colours and creeds. And in deeper introspection, it is the pigment melanin that determines the colour of skin. Right from the ancient times, it has been clearly evident that various races of the world interacted and traded with each other.

It will help to improvise the human race as a whole and will lead towards a better future for generations to follow. Therefore it becomes imperative to respect and greet the great variation present around.

Instead of making prejudices and demeaning people, try to embrace the goodness of each. No religion spread the message of hatred or communalism.

Accepting the diversity gracefully will help in building a congenial environment. The base line is to warmly embrace the diverse cultures and religions and their teachings prevalent in the world. Diversity is eminent in nature.

On a scientific basis the colour of the skin depends upon the geographical and environmental factors. It is the imminent duty of the older generation to understand and teach their younger ones the importance and acceptance of diversity present around. Accepting the diversity is not only an option but compulsory for the sustenance of humanity.

And as stated earlier, diversity is an essence of the existence. There have been consistent incidences in the past which point towards the inequality and unjustified behaviour expressed by a particular race towards the others.Diversity is what we chose to analyze based on the desire to understand an inclusive environment and be able to incorporate this into our companies.

This paper will describe diversity and it's importance to the workplace environment. We plan on describing how a company should evolve into an inclusive environment. Essays Related to Diversity /5(27).

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Assignment Exploring language diversity where you live Task 1: Observe your community(/08/07). Diversity: Spanish Language and Diversity Essay College S06 September 17, Definition of Diversity The word diversity mean so many things and differently to people.

For me diversity means much more like a race and a. Work with an admissions expert to ensure that your application demonstrates the diversity that your dream school is seeking!

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Essays about language diversity
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