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This process of gentrification turns cities into the new American frontier, where professionals drawn to major financial centers such as New Culture usa and Los Angeles are the "pioneers" and black and Hispanic residents are the "Indians. Similar gains have not been made by the poorest sectors.

An important literary school known as Southern Gothic discussed the nature of rural southern A tractor harvesting crops in the western United States.

There are many holidays and celebrations in the USA both as national and state level. Because of this, the United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. The ways in which federal lands were apportioned to settlers and developers constitutes a mixed legacy.

The Rise and Fall of Suburbia, Just as cultures from around the world have influenced American culture, today American culture influences the world. Much of American literature revolves around questions of the nature or defining characteristics of the nation and attempts to discern or describe the national identity.

Death and the Afterlife. German cuisine became stigmatized by World War I ; but in contrast the end of World War II resulted in cross-fertilization of American and Japanese business techniques during reconstruction and occupation, and brought home troops with an increased taste for Italian dishes.

For example, endangered species are protected under federal rules. During the nineteenth century, the suburb was transformed from a space for social outcasts and the lower classes to a space for the elite. Most business activity takes places within the service industry including finance, advertising and tourism.

With the exception of limited government care for the elderly and the disabled, health care is private and profit-based. In recent years, the NEA has been under attack from Congress, whose conservative members question the value and often the morality of the art produced with NEA grants.

Implicit in these novels is a critique of the wealth and excess of the urban metropolis and the industrial system that supported it. In the case of weddings, funerals, and other rites, few fixed food rules apply. Linguistic and cultural diversity is accepted in states such as New York and Illinois, where Spanish bilingual education is mandated in the public schools.

It is estimated that 60 percent of Americans are obese. The capital city, Washington, D. Americans have few occasions that they term ceremonial.

The most populous state, California, with 33, inhabitants, contrasts with Wyoming, which has onlyresidents. Blending Southern and traditional African culture to some degree, this uniquely American culture has its own dialect; has contributed significant innovation in music, dance, and fashion; embraced a struggle by many African-Americans for political and economic equality; and is associated with significant populations of African-American Muslims and Christians in " Black churches ".

In the nineteenth century, northern abolitionists hoisted the flag upside down to protest the return of an escaped slave to his southern owner, and upside-down flags continue to be used as a sign of protest.

Loggers regarded owl protection as an assault on their livelihood and their constitutional right to private property. They consume large amounts of processed and fast foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, subs, etc.

Cuisines can differ from region to region. Since that time, the country has used its military forces against Iraq and has supported efforts by other governments to fight the drug war in Central America. For women, suburban life is particularly ambiguous.

Americans as a whole enjoy the taste of hamburgers, hot dogs, and junk foods. With the exception of local-level offices, politics is highly professionalized: At the state level, government is designed along the same lines, with elected governors, senators, and assemblymen and state courts.

Of course, the US is a large country, made up of many different cultures.

United States of America

People are proud of their individual accomplishments, initiative and success, and may, or may not, share those sources of pride with their elders. Harlequin romances idealize traditional male and female gender roles and always have a happy ending.

School is mandatory for children until the age of sixteen. The arts The United States is widely known around the world as a leader in mass media production, including television and movies. Although now considered white, the Irish immigrants who arrived in great numbers in the early nineteenth century occupied the lowest rungs of the labor force next to slaves and often were referred to as "white niggers.

However, the growth of suburban industries and services that allow suburbanites to work in their own communities points to the declining dependency of suburbs on city centers.

Although most women work outside the home, household and child-rearing responsibilities are still overwhelmingly the responsibility of women.

Bibliography Alvarez, Robert R. The country does not have religious rituals or designated holy places that have meaning to the population as a whole.The USA is a real patchwork of cultures, identities and customs. This is a country so large that it has six time zones – indicative of the many regional and geographical distinctions.

Understanding America through popular culture, media and politics will only ever offer skin-deep insights. American Culture For many international students, adjusting to American culture can be difficult and at times frustrating.

American Culture

American Culture usa and values might be very different from those of your home country, and you might find them confusing. The United States of America was declared in by colonists from England who wanted independence from that country and its elite representatives in the colonies.

The class, racial, ethnic, and gender relationships of the contemporary nation have their roots in the colonial period. U.S. Culture; Cultural Customs in the U.S. Learn about Culture Shock and adapting to U.S. customs and culture to make the most of your time working and traveling in the United States.

Adjusting to American Culture. One of the best opportunities you will have during your time in the United States is to learn about American culture. The Northeast, South, Midwest, Southeast and Western regions of the United States all have distinct traditions and customs.

Here is a brief overview of the culture of the United States. Language. There is no official language of .

Culture usa
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