Circular flow of income in a three sector economy

We also add two more components: On the contrary, in case of import surplus, that is, when imports are greater than exports, trade deficit will occur. In the open economy there is interaction between countries not only through exports and imports of goods and services but also through borrowing and lending funds or what is also called financial market.

The three sector model can be described in the following diagram: Taxes in the form of personal income tax and commodity taxes paid by the household sector are outflows or leakages from the circular flow. Business sector demands the factors of production from factor market. Foreign consumers and firms will, however, also wish to buy domestic products, called exports Xand this is an injection into the circular flow.

For all exports of goods, the government receives payments from abroad. Government expenditure takes many forms including spending on capital goods and infrastructure highways, power, communicationon defence goods, and on education and public health and so on.

Withdrawals W into Circular Flow of Income Withdrawals are items that take money out of the circular flow.

Circular Flow of Income: 2 Sector, 3 Sector and 4 Sector Economy

We further assume that there are no inter-households borrowings. Including international trade Finally, the model must be adjusted to include international trade.

Firms The function of firms is to supply private goods and services to domestic households and firms, and to households and firms abroad. On the other hand, investment means some money is spent on buying new capital goods to expand production capacity. In fact we have explained above the flow of money that occurs in the functioning of a closed economy with no savings and no role of government.

Debt repayments are a form of saving because they, too, are income that is not devoted to consumption or taxes. Thus Government borrowing reduces private investment in the economy. This represents a simple economic model; it is a closed economy without any government intervention.

Now, what will happen if planned investment expenditure falls short of the planned savings? Therefore income flows from firms to households. Karl Marx developed the original insights of Quesnay to model the circulation of capital, money, and commodities in the second volume of Das Kapital to show how the reproduction process that must occur in any type of society can take place in capitalist society by means of the circulation of capital.

Circular Income Flow in a Two Sectors economy:The Circular flow of income diagram models what happens in a very basic economy. In the very basic model, we have two principal components of the economy. What is the circular flow? The circular flow of income and spending shows connections between different sectors of an economy.

Understanding the Circular Flow of Income and Spending. Levels: AS, Circular flow with external sector. Financial Sector Added to the Circular Flow Model.

The Circular flow of income. The circular flow of income forms the basis for all models of the macro-economy, and understanding the circular flow process is key to explaining how national income, output and expenditure is created over time. The public sector.

In a mixed economy with a government, the simple model must be adjusted to. How does money move through the economy? Read about the circular-flow model including, the movement of money, goods and services, and factors of production.

The Circular Flow of Income: Meaning, Sectors and Importance

goods and services, and factors of production. The Circular-Flow Model of the Economy. Search the site GO. Social Sciences. Economics Basics U.S.

The circular flow of income

Economy an income. Meaning Circular Flow in a Two Sector Economy Circular Flow in a Three- Sector Closed Economy Importance of the Circular Flow The circular flow of income and expenditure refers to the process whereby the national income and expenditure of an economy flow in a circular manner continuously through.

Circular Income Flows in three Sector Economies with Government Sector: In our above analysis of money flow, we have ignored the existence of government for the sake of making our circular flow model simple.

Circular flow of income in a three sector economy
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