Business report colour schemes with grey

As seen here, flat design colors tend to be very bright and super saturated. How to use the power of color in your branding.

The burst of energetic color throughout the design makes this site elegant and inviting at the same time. Fall Collection This palette has a traditional or antique tone to it. These are the kinds of gray-area messages that are effectively sent with this eye-pleasing combination.

A modern mix, this palette makes a great user interface combination. Use a color combination that represents your industry or the persona of your company to help your audience identify with. Try It for Free 16 Sleek and Futuristic MediaMonks This eye-catching blend of blue sapphire, gunmetal gray and platinum on the one hand and peach-orange and tan on the other make for a modern and sleek color scheme.

15 Color Palettes from Top Financial Websites

The warm, grayish undertones of the top two colors contrast nicely with the cooler greens. The application of coral tones is warming and inviting, providing a nice transition from the cooler tones. The brand promises a simple, traditional user experience. Watery Blue-Greens Another winner for any brand looking to emphasise its eco credentials.

In this case, the bright yellow draws the eye first to the title, then the path up the mountain and finally to the call-to-action buttons at the bottom of the page. Orange, yellow and lime green are the perfect choices if you want a color combination that suggests freshness and vitality.

Its unexpected and somewhat out-of-the-box thinking help make this website a winner. Blue tones are traditionally related to these industries and make great combinations when applied with contrasting hues.

A color palette is a fundamental element in the creation of your brand kit. Bold yet professional, this color combination, when used correctly, can even be applied to corporate designs.

While the site above adds a bit of a shadow effect to the boy on the right, it would technically qualify as flat design 2. This is especially valuable in a financial site, because research has shown that more white space increases trust.

While this palette may not qualify as monochromatic according to the technical definition, for visual purposes, it creates a similar effect. Reserved yet approachable; sophisticated yet fun: But with a Finance Authority ofit obviously works.

The base color, often the darkest, is applied with different amounts of brightness. The Gunmetal and Cashmere swatches contain a hint of warmness which offsets against the coolness of the blues nicely. But browns and oranges are associated with the earth.

To see how color can help you communicate trust and authority in a traditional, highly-regulated industry. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial on how: This is a great example of how color can help communicate your core message.

The addition of black as an accent color adds stability and strength, particularly in the logo and banner, where black literally provides a foundation for the greens above it. The use of dark background colors with bright and bold accent colors. This powdery palette has tones reminiscent of candy floss, therefore a lovely combination for anything related to sweets or floristry.

A modern combination for an interior or homewares brand. Its lively and creative and, at the same time, refined in its use of a minimalist color scheme with different shades of the same hue.

These two elements work together to help convey your message. This color scheme can be used for any design where you have a few elements or a central message you really want to pop.A list of 50 color schemes from award-winning websites, and how to apply them in Visme using the hex color codes.

Crazyegg» Blog» Design» 15 Color Palettes from Top Financial Websites. Hull’s palette is a cool blue and gray, with a dash of red accents.

100 brilliant color combinations and how to apply them to your designs

This creates an impression of trust and strength, which is supported by the design of the page. The business insider really nailed the “business” color scheme. I would like to add that a. Feb 19,  · See various shades of gray play out in these amazing color schemes, and get the scoop on how to use gray in your decor.

Build your brand: 20 unique and memorable color palettes to inspire you

Explore Explore tie, this gray, brown, and orange bedroom exudes masculine sensibilities. The upholstered headboard is covered in a business-suit check and accented with just enough pattern and color Author: Better Homes & Gardens.

A unique color combination is a key way to express the personality of your brand. Color plays a huge role in how your audience perceives you.

Whether you're running a small business as a solopreneur, or working in a big corporate, your business has a brand—and the colors you use are a part of that. There is almost always more than one option of color combinations to assist your business, so you don't have to choose any color that you do not like or resonate to.

Monochromatic color schemes (made up of the various tints, tones, or shades of one color) are extremely versatile. While this palette may not qualify as monochromatic according to the technical definition, for visual purposes, it creates a similar effect.

Business report colour schemes with grey
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