Argue for your grade

If the teacher makes a point you can agree with, say so. If he refuses to accept your paper late, even after he has listened to all your arguments, ask if you can make up the lost points by doing some extra credit assignment. Give emotional appeal and feeling to your paper but never let yourself or others lose sight of your point.

They treat tests and assessments as sacred documents that should never be questioned.

How To (Politely) Ask Your Professor To Change Your Grade

In addition, students must look at the mid term Argue for your grade time to propose future learning objectives. Always hold your own and argue on. So when the teacher makes a point good or badparaphrase it or even repeat it.

I have liked the quality of my work so far, and have great confidence in my ability to write. You have to meet the deadlines. At the same time For others, they had more things to worry about or knew that they would have this professor again in the future.

This goes back to future contact with the professor. This is due to the fact that I am very shy. I have had some troubles with all the uploading, and observations have been a chore to keep up with because I never spend much time on my computer. You want your readers to trust you, understand what your saying, and nod in agreement with the facts you present them.

Before walking into the argument, think of ways the teacher might benefit by giving you what you want. Are you capable of remaining calm and professional, should the meeting go sour?

Grading is somewhat subjective, even physics I tend to grade on work more than the end answer. Therefore, I do not think the class needs to be changed in any way. Always keep in mind that literature and the written word is a way to be heard, to be known. Some students put great energy into complaining and arguing with teachers, but never win.

Leave a Comment I found through my stats that someone came here looking to find out how to argue their graduate school grade. By unfair, I mean we were penalized every single point of the problem for not having plot labels formatted exactly as the professor wanted; the plots were only a small part of the problem and certainly not the topic of the class.

I hardly had to change it for the second and final drafts, but I still made all the changes recommended by the professor. There have been a few times in grad school I thought the grading was terribly unfair, as did several other students.

Remember students of English 1A, argue your points in all essays, but concentrate on the logical, remember your logos. As a teacher myself, I have seen those students who win, and I have seen the smart strategies they follow.Jan 17,  · How to argue for an A grade?

If your grade is just below an A- then there is an excellent chance that it should actually be higher.

Argue for Your Grade

With that in mind, I think you have every right to fight for your grade, and since the teacher still decides your final grade, I see nothing unethical about it. instead of attempting to argue Status: Resolved. Dear students of first year college English, also known here at El Camino as English 1A, it is time to learn how to argue in your work - Argue for Your Grade introduction.

Not just any arguments though, you must learn to place logical, ethical, and sometimes even emotional points in your papers. The most. Welcome to SOCIETY19’s edition of “How To Change Your Grade ″.

First of all, this isn’t a tough class. It’s all about common courtesy and common sense. Oct 17,  · How to argue your way to a better grade I give a version of this presentation every semester on the day I hand back the first batch of projects.

That's because some students are always stunned by their grades and tend to confront me immediately after class with the same old arguments. Sep 08,  · How to Argue With Teachers. While teachers have a role and responsibility to instruct their students, sometimes it is appropriate for the student to provide an alternate viewpoint.

Get a Teacher to Raise Your Grade. How to. Avoid Getting Detentions. How to. Write an Apology Letter to a Teacher. How to. Write a 52%(42). How to Argue with Your Teacher and Win. The first key to winning is picking the right time and place to argue.

The worst time to argue is while the teacher is trying to teach the class. but rather say, "I don't understand why I got this grade. I felt the work deserved better." Do not say, "You always give me detention. You never punish.

Argue for your grade
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