An essay on the survival of the stingray

The soldier in a survival environment faces many stresses that ultimately impact on his mind. They survived hard work and deplorable conditions only to face deportation when the White Australia policy was adopted at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Distress causes an uncomfortable tension that we try to escape and, preferably, avoid.

Survival of the Stingray

Along with the sharp, barbed spines and deadly poisonous glands, the stingray is now an formidable opponent.

The taking of Aboriginal lands in Queensland created circumstances of war and conflict between Aboriginal peoples and between white and black, and established extreme competition for survival.

From the large size of the present day animal, the stingray has been reduced in size and weight from an average of 12 feet, 60 pounds to 3 feet, 15 pounds to provide from speed, stealth, and agility. To survive is also to start all over again.

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There is a psychology to survival. New inventions and adaptations have given Queensland distinctive cultures, landscapes and identities. Henry Lamond a station manager from western Queensland, made this dream a reality when he escaped the prolonged drought of the s by moving to the Whitsunday Islands.

Crops continued to fail in the face of ravaging storms, insect plagues, drawn out droughts; and fluctuations in fortune that turn parched soils to boggy mud. Having survival skills is important; having the will to survive is essential. The lion, once the king of the jungle, is no more than an alley cat scavenging for food.

Instead, it is a condition we all experience. Aboriginal people have developed complex processes to render these safe.

The predominantly hot northerly location of Queensland set the conditions for exploitation of black labour. They will only mate if there is enough habitat and food for them to survive. Prickly pear, rabbits, pigs, deer and goats, and that most famous of Queensland exotics — the cane toad, have prospered.

With a limit of a few minutes the stingray cannot sustain continued flight. In a boat capsized in Torres Strait drowning a mother and father and their infant son. The lion, once the king of the jungle, is no more than an alley cat scavenging for food.

A set of lungs accompany this adaptation enabling the stingray to breathe on land as well as water. Their presence and the changes they have wrought in the landscape threaten native food sources, introduced crops, wildlife and people.

That is why they may sting a person that they come into contact with in the water. We marvel at the resilience of human body, mind and spirit, and at the ferocious, unforgiving and indiscriminatory force of nature. In a 60 year woman tackled a kilogram crocodile that had dragged her companion from his tent in far north Queensland.

The bland coloring of his skin enables him to hide from the predators as his skin reflects off the colors surrounding his environment. The severity of droughts in the first decade of the twenty-first century saw city dwellers check dam levels as frequently as their agrarian counterparts.

Listed below are a few of the common signs of distress you may find in your fellow soldiers or yourself when faced with too much stress: Providing a cheap — and, as argued at the time, climatically suited — source of labour, South Sea Islanders were coercively recruited to the Queensland sugar industry.

And a remarkable number survive, in both city and country. Temperatures are much colder, vegetation has ceased to exist, along with several entire animal species.

They will vary in shades though depending on their own habitat and the species of Stingray. What you will find in different forms of water really depends on the species of Stingray. The frontier between cultures is a dangerous and frightening place; survivors are transformed.Stingray Facts and Information Introduction to Stingray.

The Stingray earned a great deal of negative attention when animal promoter and enthusiast Steve Irwin was stung by one and died.

Essay/Term paper: Survival of the stingray

That also evoked fear in people that this could be their fate too if they were to come into contact with one of them. Survival may be a matter of single heroic act, or a long struggle over a lifetime.

Poverty and ill health can be as severe as unsympathetic seasons, rainfall, soil and terrain. A society blind to history, need or circumstance pushes people to the very edge of existence.

May 22,  · Personal Identity essay. identity in relation to survival will be extracted by examining the works and opinions of Derek Parfit and David Lewis. First, Parfit’s outlook on identity and survival will be explored accompanied by examples of fusion and fission.

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An essay on the survival of the stingray
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