A discussion on the effectivenes of the electoral college system

Argentina had an electoral college established by its original Constitutionwhich was used to elect its president. Electoral College United States The United States Electoral College is an example of a system in which an executive president is indirectly elected[1] with electors representing the 50 states and the federal district.

When I mentioned that the electoral system prevents corruption, I was referencing that it allows for electors to choose what candidate they elect, which was intended by the founding fathers to prevent wide sweeping waves of corruption that would allow for corrupt politicians to exploit the system and gain office [1].

InClinton had a majority in California of 4. The popular vote system basically is letting the go of the reins of the election.

Electoral college

It leaves it in the hands of corrupt politicians such as Hillary and destroys the influence of smaller states. Paraguay had an electoral college established by the Constitutionwhich was used to elect its president.

Because she is a corrupt sociopath who manipulated the public, but we were saved from her wrath by the electoral college, that prevented her from winning the election [2][3]. Each state has a number of electors equal to its Congressional representation in both houseswith the non-state District of Columbia receiving the number it would have if it were a state, but in no case more than that of the least populous state.

One is that to have the election result based on the popular vote in the whole country would bring great practical and logistical difficulties if the vote were close and disputed in a number of the states. However, three issues arise. They argue that the E. Why do you think Hillary won the popular vote?

For a stable society to exist or a game to be successful, certain rules must be followed. It is understood by all that the Declaration of Independence says prudence dictates that the government, and constitutional rules, not be changed for light and transient causes, yet it is right and a duty to change what is improper and undemocratic.

Only large states will participate, and they will benefit from campaigning and lobbying. The electoral college itself has nothing to do with HOW the votes are counted, just the way that they are used for determining the president.

But an objective and desirable analysis of this constitutional problem is not to be confused with using the E. It is natural in politics that conclusions and procedures once generally accepted are inevitably subject to change. Within China, both Macau [10] and Hong Kong each have an Election Committee which functions as an electoral college for selecting the Chief Executive and formerly in the case of Hong Kong for selecting some of the seats of the Legislative Council.

With this in mind, the rural states, and lower population states in general, will never be visited and be devoid of presidential politics, which makes lobbying impossible.

The constitution was amended in and the electoral college was replaced with direct elections by popular vote, using a two-round system since The electoral college is a system of voting where each state has an amount of electors.

The amount of representatives, plus the 2 senators, for each state will equal the. 4) The Electoral College was designed, in part, to benefit less populous southern states, where slaves made up a significant amount of the general population and where counted as three-fifths of a person.

In the Electoral College system, the States serve as the Centurial groups (though they are not, of course, based on wealth), and the number of votes per State is determined by the size of each State's Congressional delegation.

The Effectiveness of the Electoral College Essay; Supporters of the Electoral College system make convincing arguments that it is the best system to decide the Presidential election in a complex society such as the United States. Many scholars place the Electoral College into a historical context by discussing its evolution and.

Without the electoral college, there would be no effective brake on the number of “viable” presidential candidates. Abolish it, and it would not be difficult to imagine a scenario where, in a field of a dozen micro-candidates, the “winner” only needs 10 percent of the vote, and represents less than 5 percent of the electorate.

The Pros and Cons of the Electoral College

Read more about the allocation of electoral votes. Under the 23rd Amendment of the Constitution, the District of Columbia is allocated 3 electors and treated like a state for purposes of the Electoral College. For this reason, in the following discussion, the word “state” also refers to the District of Columbia.

A discussion on the effectivenes of the electoral college system
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